Corporate Gifting, Deals & CRM :
Corporate gifting is a magic marketing and is the need of today. CRM tool helps companies to stand high in today's highly competitive market. To lure new and retain existing customers, pay gratitude or to thank business associates or just to convey a warm hearted wish to well wishers - exclusive & personalized corporate gifts deliver the valuable sentiment in the best possible way. Gifting clients, rewarding distributors, rewarding employees, promotional schemes for enhancement of sales eash of these requires excellent ideas which should be perceived by the beneficiary as important. An ideal corporate gift is one which the receuver

would like to keep and cherish for a long time. Corporate Gifting is more of a norm than exception - an art of giving away a product of desire to the person who receives it. At CLogik, we work hand in hand with your team to understand your corporate gifting need and suggest a tailor made product which suits your budget. The products we offer have layers of customization possibilities to ensure high retention value and a personal touch. 'LogikDeals' specializes in exclusive deals for your customers, distributors, retailers, employees etc. LogikDeals gives a new dimension to your consumer offers, trade offers and employee reward program.
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